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How Can I Train My Labrador Into A Guard Dog?

May 14, 2008 – 00:00


Question by dazza_2k8: How Should I Train My Labrador Into A Guard Dog?
I know Labradors aren’t recommended for being a guard dog, but i have heard that it can be done, i just don’t know how, and you know how the internet is, all rubbish, so if any of you know how to train up a guard dog, i would appreciate it alot, if you have any links to a good website that will tell me, or if you have any good tips, it would really help. thank you. p.s if it helps, my lab is 1 year 7 months. ;)

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Answer by La Comtesse De Whippet
You need to consult with a trainer who specialises in training guard and protection dogs – doing it yourself, without any real idea of how to go about it, can be dangerous, especially if you train him to accost strangers.

Most breeds are good basic ‘guard’ dogs in the sense that they’ll bark when they hear an intruder, and alert you. There’s generally a reason why some dogs are used for guarding and some aren’t – some breeds simply don’t make good guard dogs, and Labs are one of those breeds.

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